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Copper Collection lenses maximize contrast to make objects brighter and easier to see by increasing the relative intensity of the colors most critical to good visiončreds, yellows, and greens.

Real silica glass copper lenses provide truer color retention and greater contrast enhancement than the generic tan lenses used by other brand name and designer label sunglasses to save money.

Super clear, distortion free Copper Collection lenses provide the following application specific benefits:

Golf: Improve depth perception, and recognize green and fairway contours more easily.

Driving: brake lights appear more intense, and road signs are easier to read. Copper Collection lenses are ideal for any application where good vision is crucial!

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Polarization Optional

Copper Collection
Sunglass Models

GEAR INCLUDED: Acies Ships Each Sunglass Model In a Matching Hard Metal, or Semi-Hard Sport Case, At No Additional Charge!

CONSUMER ALERT: Is the mall sunglass store trying to give you photochromatic lens evny? details


    Zero Distortion Optical Glass
    Maximum Contrast Enhancement
    100% UV (A, B & C) Protection
    Complete IR Control
    Greatest Scratch Resistance Available
    Superb Clarity
    Great Glare Reduction


    Spring Hinge Temples
    Molded Decorative Engravings
    Custom Embossed Logos
    Antique Accenting by Acies, Inc. Email Support

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