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Real silica glass, Delta Band lenses in this showcase were designed for the US Department of Defense to provide fighter pilots with an alternative to the tan and copper shaded blue blocking glass lenses they were accustomed to.

Like blue blocking lenses, Delta Band lenses enhance contrast (ie. make objects appear clearer and easier to see) by increasing the intensity of the colors most critical to good visiončreds, greens, and yellows.

However, real glass Delta Band lenses provide substantially lower overall brightness levels than lenses that block only blue light.

Delta Band lenses are the ultimate optic material where the need for clear glare free vision must be balanced against the risks of high brightness levels causing discomfort or Sensory Overload.

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Polarization Optional

Gray Delta
Sunglass Models

GEAR INCLUDED: Acies Ships Each Sunglass Model In a Matching Hard Metal, or Semi-Hard Sport Case, At No Additional Charge!

There is no such thing as "high tech" plastic, or optic material by any other name, that is as clear or scratch resistant as finely polished optical glass!


    Zero Distortion Optical Glass
    Maximum Contrast Enhancement
    100% UV (A, B & C) Protection
    Complete IR Control
    Greatest Scratch Resistance Available
    Superb Clarity
    Great Glare Reduction


    Spring Hinge Temples
    Molded Decorative Engravings
    Custom Embossed Logos
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