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Polarized Glare-Blocker lenses combine Silica Glass the clearest, most scratch resistant optical material available with Polarization the most effective glare blocking technology available.

For a fraction of what you would pay for similar products sold in stores, or inferior plastic products sold through TV offers, Aciesą real glass, polarized lenses provide:

Most Effective Polarization Available‹99.9% Glare Blockage

100% UV (A, B, & C) Protection, & Complete IR Control

Zero Distortion, Super Clear, Super Scratch resistant, Silica Glass lenses

Designer style Spring Hinge frames

Choice of Hi-Contrast or True Color Retention Lenses

Health Note: Doctors recommend Polarized Glass lenses to protect against developing, or aggravating already existing, vision problems such as cataracts.

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Copper w/Blue Mirrors
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