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Once the best kept secret of Chicago, Illinois, is now a premier internet retailer with global sales growing 300% annually! No wonder Silas Entertainment, Los Angeles, came to to accessorize their Playmate models for Playboy's Summer Webcast. Scroll down to see the photos.
They work hard in La-La land! It's not easy looking beautiful (even in Acies Sunglasses), and those camera crews have to film all the action.
Acies Sunglasses were first introduced to the public on July 4th, 1997 at the Western Open Golf Tournament at Cog Hill. Customers lined up at our exhibit booth and we stole the thunder from our large name brand competitor that was exhibiting down the aisle from us.
Acies' success at Cog Hill led to a two year tour exhibiting Acies sunglasses at special events across the nation.
Acies' special event successes are legendary. Acies holds unofficial sales records with gross receipts of over $20,000 and unit sales of 350 pieces in one day at a single store! If anyone's ever done better . . . we'll open a store next to them!
With special event sales burgeoning, celebrity status in our home town of Chicago, and a loyal customer base, Acies went global with the inroduction of!
Today, Acies uses its manufacturing know-how and global marketing clout to bring the public revolutionary quality to price ratios.
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