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Amazing 3 Day Scratched/Inferior Sunglass Lens Replacement Mail Order Service!
Custom cut lenses for your metal or plastic frames. Recent Replacements Gallery
We CANNOT cut lenses for (1) Rimless designs, (2) Extremely Large designs, or (3) one piece shields (i.e. we require separate right and left lenses).

We trace frames, so broken or missing lenses are NOT a problem.

Polarized Replacement Lens Price List..

Polycarbonate Polarized 100%UV
Lighter & Less Expensive Than Glass

$25.00 Pr. Tan Polarized Polycarbonate
$25.00 Pr. Blue Mirror Grey Polarized Polycarbonate

Complete the Lens Replacement Form Now!

You must print the form and return it to us with sunglass frames to order. by Acies, Inc. Email Support

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