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About 10-12 years ago I dropped my pair of vintage Ray Ban W0964 Sunglasses that I have had for 25-30 years on concrete. Both lenses cracked and I threw the lenses out, but I couldn't bear to toss my glasses. I have searched for years to replace the lenses with authentic RB W0964 G15 RB lenses. I decided I'm going to try replacement lenses. After reading numerous reviews on your lenses I decided to replace with your Grey Silica Glass Lenses.

I sent the frame to you last Friday and this Friday (1-Week) I received them back...I was totally amazed, but I quickly thought I needed to check the quality before having a welcome back party for my old friends...AGAIN, I was amazed! Your fit and quality is superb and top notch, I simply cannot express how happy I am with the fit and quality of these lenses (the blue anti-glare block on the lens reverse was a surprise as well! I actually like the color better than the original G15 lenses,these lenses have a G15 appearance but richer! You have a new customer.

Great job!
David E.

I just received my sunglasses back with the new gray polarized lenses you made. You guys are great. My wife bought these sunglasses for me a few years ago as a gift and I loved them. I'm a Police Officer in Florida so it was inevitable that something happened to them sooner or later. Arnette could not provide replacement lenses anymore. For sentimental reasons I did not want to get rid of them so I did some research on the internet and found your business. Your service was outstanding. The repair was flawless. The lenses look as good, maybe better than the originals. The turnaround time was amazing. I would highly recommend your service to others.

Stephen T.


I just received my sunglasses back with the new Blue Mirrored Polarized Lenses you put in. Your replacement program is awesome! You basically saved a pair of $250 Revos for me, as Revo no longer carries replacement lenses for my sunglasses (and Lenscrafters quoted me $255 for non-polarized replacements). The turnaround was so fast and I love the new lenses. I would definitely recommend your service to others and will use it in the future. Thanks.

Aaron L.

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the Copper Polarized lenses that I recently got from greatshades. I recently got Lasik surgery ­ but didnıt want to throw out my eyeglass frames. Most of the quotes I got for a good quality polarized lens were $150+. Rarely am I impressed with quality and customer service these days. You exceeded my expectations. The turn around time was amazing.

Iıve already told a couple of friends ­ expect more business.



You guys are the best. Repair and Turnaround on my Bolle' Frames / lenses were excellent. All the products I have purchased over the years have been Great

Satisfied Customer

Mike Lockard

Just received my sunglasses. They are fabulous. I'm showing them to my friends and hope you will get orders from.them. I can't recommand them enough. Today was very glary and was able to drive securily With gratitude,

Jeanie A.

Thanks for the recent repairs on two pairs of sunglasses. The repair work was completed and returned faster than your website said.

Great Shades has been consistently superb to do business with. The sunglasses are extreme bargains for the quality of the product.

Bob I.
Vancouver WA

I am very happy with the new lens you provided for my favorite sunglasses, as well as the quick turnaround. Please know that word of mouth is the best way to advertise and you have a fan in me.

Thanks Again;

Paul P.

I was simply amazed at the combination of fast service and product quality. I ordered the sunglasses expecting them to take a week to get here and they showed up in just a few days. The quality is amazing, and things look so much sharper with the glasses on than off! I expect that I will be a long-time customer.


S. Eiserman


I just received the Acies Phoenix Blue Mirror Copper Polarized sunglasses in the mail today. As a person who has worn Suncloud/Maui Jim rose lenses since I was 15, I was blown away when I put the Phoenix on for the first time at how much better your sunglasses are than the Suncloud rose lenses! I wear ³rigid gas-permeable² hard contact lenses and the glare from snow and sun can be hard on the eyes, at times producing headaches and eye fatigue. As soon as I put on my Phoenix sunglasses, my eyes felt relaxed and the contact lenses in my eyes even felt more comfortable than before.

You have a customer for life and I will tell everyone I know to check out to purchase their next pair of sunglasses!


Dan B.


I received the blue Navigator's today and wow they are soooo frickin cool!!! I'm not used to wearing such a high quality pair of sunglasses! Even the case is amazing. The frame is better than frames I spent more money on at my optometrist for regular glasses! :-)

And the quality of the polarized lenses is a million times better compared to all my other sunglasses. I have wasted a lot of money and frustration on essentially disposable sunglasses all these years!

I plan on ordering another pair in the near future and most likely changing out the lenses on another frame.

Really appreciate the quick exchange too! Top quality service and product!

Thank you VERY, VERY much!

Have a happy thanksgiving!


The glasses arrived. They are such a good quality. Thank you for producing such a well-made product. It is so rare these days. I checkout out [name of cry baby competitor omitted] before I found you. The [competitor's] frames were really fragile.

When I commented that the frames were flimsy for a $180 product, the sales rep told me "they haven't changed the frames since 1936." I said, "that's supposed to be a good thing?"

Barbara G.

Thanks for the note. I went with the new orbitals for a snug fit to play golf. I also ordered several other pairs for the family for an upcoming sunny vacation today. I like your products very much. I hope the merlin shades fit my young son and daughter.

I am using an old pair of Revo's frame that you replaced the lenses on for 4 years. They are awesome quality lenses.

Don W.

I understand about monday delivery as it is late Friday..... I was wanting to buy another set of sunglasses from great shades after I returned from vacation. Unfortunately this morning I looked in my computer bag and the frames on my great shades finally gave in.... amazing.... in three years the lenses didn't scratch, it was the frame which finally let go. It was time to replace them anyway as they were wearing just a bit, but honestly this was the first set of glasses I have ever owned that lasted as long without scratching. At 10 am this morning they broke, by noon I was back on the website trying to figure out which sets I would order next.....

Thank you for offering such a great product, and thank you for even better customer service....

..... The polarized lenses delta gray models far supass lenses from other manufacturers in clarity, quailty, and optical colors and field of views. I am a satisfied great shade customer who will be back over and over. I also will be buying back up pairs of the two glasses I selected after my trip.... thank you a

Marcus D. B

Orbital shades (blue) arrived today, EXCELLENT packaging, SUPERB quality craftsmanship & INCREDIBLE price! As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and these are WELL worth MORE than some of those ³designer² shades offered @ way higher prices out there. Rest assured that the next set of sunglasses WILL be from greatshades. WOW!

Thank you SO much
All the best & continuous success!

I want to add my praise to the many others. These are the best sunglasses for the money. I love the cases they came in because they actually protect the glasses. I love the extremely fast delivery. These sunglasses fit great, they look great, they feel great, they really protect my eyes (I insist on polarized). In short, the website address is totally appropriate. Great!

Ron Toigo

Hi, Just so you know I have told my friends about your excellent products & expert service! I Love my Merlins II & I' m also very impressed with the grey glass lenses you put on my Gargoyles frames, now they rock! Better yet, you guys rock!

Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Francis Melero

Sirs: I received my shades today and just want to add my praise to the list. They are the FINEST QUALITY I have seen in sunglasses, and in fact, are better than my prescription glasses. Now I'm trying to decide on what style I want next!

Kevin Campbell

I received the "California" style shades yesterday and wore them right out of the box. The stylish, lightweight frames and excellent optical clarity make for the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever worn. I usually order more expensive "designer" glasses, but fortunately discovered your website and saved 50% or more on your high quality product. Add the included hard case and super fast Priority Mail delivery with tracking and I am one satisfied customer. I'll be telling everyone I know about my happy experience with Acies and


the new shades are fantastic!

thanks for having such a flexible policy and allowing me exchange them. i hope you stay in business for a long time, because i just found the sunglasses i will be buying from now on.

excellent quality, style, function... better than any mj i ever bought, and equal to the ray bans of thirty years ago.

thanks again.
phil licata

I just wanted to let you know I received my sunglasses today. That was very fast shipping! These are the best sunglasses! They fit perfect and I like them much better than my RayBans, Bolle's, Oakley's or Serengetti's. I will be shopping with you again...soon! I'll probably just pass off my old sunglasses on friends. Great job!

John Adams


Just wanted you guys to know that you need to promote your sunglasses for fishermen! I came across your web site quite by accident when searching for some new polarized shades for my husband who is a professional fisherman. We decided to try your glasses because he is rather hard on lenses and the polycarbonate lenses that we have been buying, at twice the price I might add, just scratched to easily. Your glasses are unbelievable for clarity and beat Maui Jim hands down for seeing fish in the water. They perform equally well on overcast or bright sunshine days. Thanks a bunch, I am getting ready to order a pair for myself and my son and we are recommending them to all my husbands clients.

PS we bought the copper lenses in blue mirror and are just as happy with the quality of the frames as the lenses! Keep up the good work!

lesli shafer

On March 21, 2004, I had LASIK surgery to correct by vision. After the surgery, I looked for a pair of sunglasses and was shocked to discovered that the average cost ranged between $120.00 and $160.00.

Realizing that the frames on my prescription glasses we a high dollar item and the fact that I liked my frames, I decided to have the lenses replaced with your grey polarized glass. After the first pair of glasses were returned to me, I discovered that they were exactly as I wanted and the quality was so great I decided to send in 2 other sets of my prescription glasses for retrofit of the new non-prescription lenses.

I now have 3 pairs of sunglasses for about the cost of 1 pair of new glasses.

thanks Larry J.

Dear GS,

People are quick to complain but slow to mention when they are excited about a purchase.

I received my shades today, and they are even better looking than on your web page. The details on the hinges are subtle, and the shades are well made and sturdy. I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks gain for making a great American product.

J Conison

I just bought my first pair of sunglasses from your company. Concerning price, quality, and service you people are first class! I wonıt by another pair of glasses anywhere else.

S. Allen

just got my glasses. love the lenses you fit to my old frames [ed. -- This testimonial refers to our "Any Brand Lens Replacement Service"]. service was great. you got my frames on friday and i got my new glasses on monday. wow! thanks. look forward to future orders of some of your glasses.

Simple to say I am a ACIES buyer from this day forward. Thanks for the great glasses

M. Bryant

Let me tell you something. I have been a Rxx-Bxx wearer for many years. I ride motorcycles for fun and transportation and need good sunglasses. (Cheap ones usually lasted about half a ride.) Last week I needed new glasses. My Rxx-Bxx glasses were worn out, and the earpieces were painful to use. But I didn't want to spend the $130 to $150 for another set. I then "stumbled" onto your site through an internet search. Ordered a pair of Large Frame Aviator Polarized glasses. Here it is less than a week later. I have the glasses and they are simply THE BEST DARN SUNGLASSES I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!!! They look great. They feel wonderful. They ride like they are glued to my face with absolutely no discomfort.

Simple to say I am a ACIES buyer from this day forward. Thanks for the great glasses

Robert Harbick

Dear Acies,

To use your phrase, I received my sunglasses yesterday and they are Great Shades. I have worn out three pair of Serengeti driving glasses and decided to try yours and they are fantastic. The road images are much clearer, my eyes don't water while riding my bike (Harley), even at 70MPH and your great shades fit my face better and tighter than the Serengeti's. Thanks, Keep up the good work and quality of glasses.

Stanley C.

Received delivery package today. (on time) Excellent quality of sunglasses. (exceed my expectations). Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely,

My optometrist said that sunglasses should feel like airconditoners for your eyes. When muscles contract, they produce heat. When you put on sunglasse you should feel the muscles relax from squinting to protect the eyes.

The Acies sunglasses immediately allow your entire face to relax. If you are using an inferior product this will take some getting used to, the difference will be immediately noticed.

That is why is I am ordering a second pair: my wife's optical health is also important. I can find products that approach your quality but have to spend at least 2-3 times as much (such as [Brand Name Removed], which I first purchased in 1989 at your current prices, they have since resurfaced at $200 and up) but to spend more is pointless: on top of their utility, these sunglasse look great.

Thank you for an excellent product,

Dr. Harris

Within a couple days the new shades arrived and I love them. You will be referred to many. Thank you for living up to the promises made.

Ken B.

Hi, Acies:

I, have worn name brand glasses (O****y)for years. after 6(six) sets of ear pieces for my Eye Jackets in 2 (two) years, I decided to look elsewhere. I found Acies by searching the web. Feeling a little nervous about ordering glasses without seeing them, I went ahead and did it. I was absolutely shocked by the quality of the lenses! If you are thinking about buying new, high quality, well built, well fitting, superior sunglasses, at unbelievable prices, then Acies are for you. On the other hand, if you want to spend $150.00-$300.00 for lesser quality sunglasses, go elsewhere. The best glasses I have ever owned, bar none!


Hi, Russ:

My email is down so I didn't get a chance to write sooner. I received the T-MNV2-B Polar sunglasses last Saturday and they're just terrific! I love wearing them! (And I was never a big sunglass fan before this.)

Thanks for your fast and courteous customer service. I'll recommend your site to any of my friends who want to order sunglasses online

Jeff W.


Just to let you know that the glasses arrived today, and they were even better than I had hoped for....I haven't been able to find that shape of lens since my old Eddie Bauer glasses kicked it a year and a half ago...been suffering with sub standard Coyote ever since (I guess that I don't have to tell you that your quality is better than the "old" Bauer quality, which wasn't bad). You will have my recommendation to all of my friends and family...keep up the good work.


John R.

Hi there,

I just wanted to tell all your prospective buyers the experience I have had with Greatshades glasses. I am so glad that I happened to stumble on to your site. I recently purchased the circumnavigator with blue lenses/ tortoise frames polarized of course, and yes they are very nice glasses, and work very well as I am a bus driver, and gone through many other brands of glasses that have had false promises.....Wow, the quality craftsmanship that went into your product is commendable , that is very hard to find these days...Great Shades, thank you, and I`ll be back one day

Daniel B. Pittsburgh Pa.


They arrived today. are GREAT SHADES, indeed!!!! I am really impressed with the quality of the glasses and the fit. And the case is also very fine.


Joe D.

Just received the last sunglasses I will ever need. I have used just about every type of large fit sunglasses money can buy and have never found anything comfortable that looked nice. After a friend recommended your site, I finally found the perfect sunglasses [MOD NAV2]. They are well built, look great, and the lenses are phenomenal.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great product.



I just received my first order from ACIES. I am genuinely impressed by my entire purchase experience with your Company! Having recently lost my [brand name removed] sunglasses, I was crushed at the thought of again paying another $230 for a pair of high quality, polarized sunglasses (as you know "they don't discount"). ACIES provided the perfect "solution" (Note that I didn't describe ACIES as an mere "alternative"). I was pleased to receive a better total value solution (price + quality + service) from ACIES. Your website was intuitive and easy to use, online ordering was quick and easy and the order delivery was surprisingly quick. I particularly like the order status information that I received at your website.

Thanks for doing it right!

Dave Faith

Dear Acies,

I just got your large (52mm) silver sunglasses with the blue mirror polarized glass lenses. They are beautiful and fit my large face well! Plus,they are very stylish and rival sunglasses that are in the 300.00 - 400.00 range. I am most pleased! These are much nicer than I expected and your price sure beats the hell out of what other manufacturers want for their premium sunglasses! I had a hard time finding anything that looked right and matched my jewelery. These are definitely the ticket! I just wanted to say thank you. I would recommend you to anyone looking for quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

Jayson P. (Zebulon, N.C.)

Received them today they are great!!! Thanks for the fast and competent service. It is greatly appreciated..


I just received my pair of Chicago Style Polarized sunglasses. These sunglasses are great looking and the quality is outstanding. The best part was the price. I don't know any place where I can buy a pair of polarized sunglasses that look good for the price I paid. Thank you for the sunglasses and the great service.

A satisfied customer,


DENNIS K. (Letter Addressed To Repair Department.)

I received my sunglasses today. What timing!! The sun was beaming during lunch and I had a great opportunity to try them out. I'm very pleased with the fit. They wrap just enough to block out the light on the sides. Thanks for a great product. I'll be telling friends about them. Count on it!!

S. Orr

I just looked at the USPS web sight and saw where my sunglasses were, this service you are offering is probably the BEST service I've gotten from an online company. Thank You so much, I will be recommending you to my friends and family. And will be a repeat customer in the future.

M. Stinebaugh

I just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME sunglasses!!! They fit better than my $300 presciption glasses that are of similar design.

T. Dunn

I would like to thank you for your prompt, courteous service. Many companies I have dealt with are slow, and keep you in the dark as to what's going on with your order. I will shop with you again.

Christy Norton

I was lucky enough to run across you at Taste of Chicago....I bought the best sunglasses that I've ever owned! My "old" [brand name removed so cry baby competitors that make inferior products won't sue us!] are now buried in a drawer somewhere, and I'm trying to decide which style to buy next!!!

Bruce Neumann

I recently ordered a pair of Acies sunglasses. I was amazed to find them waiting for me in my mailbox within only a couple of days. I opened the package hesitantly, not sure how they would look. This was the first time I had bought any clothing or accessories on the internet. However all my fears were put to rest when I opened the package. It was love at first sight. The frame is of good quality and the lenses are outstanding. I couldn't wait to try them on.

--Vinod Peris

It is virtually unheard of in South Africa to have the sort of customer service I enjoyed when purchasing a pair of sunglasses from your company.

robin hunt

Thanks - Got' em on Saturday 8/2 - now that's service!!! These are extaordinary sunglasses; the frames are better than on my $300 prescription glasses. These were a terrific deal!!

M. Beach

Acies sunglasses are starting to be THE glasses to have . . I am on the USS [Navy Ship Name Ommitted] and all the guys on the flight deck are wearing them under their helmets and goggles . . . Thank you for your product.

Chuck Lawson

I bought a pair of Acies sunglasses and the self adjusting spring hinge temples and pivoting nose pads fit me perfectly right out of the box.

Gloria Stach

I purchased your T-3 sunglasses a week ago. I really like them. They're well made and they look and feel great! I also appreciated the follow-up call from your sales representative asking if I liked the sunglasses and letting me know that you stand behind your product. A very nice touch.

Dennis Thorne

I'm so happy I bought Acies on-line instead of getting ripped off at the mall!

Ellyn Moran



I have a friend who has a few pairs of your shades and told they had the best lenses he has ever seen. But, I bought my Acies because of the awesome selection of unique, but not too hip frame styles.

Brenda Castel

Your sunglasses look great, and I appreciate your dedication to quality and consumer rights . . . Acies are a great an affordable alternative to plastic [brand names removed] and [brand names removed] sunglasses.

Peter Cantrell

Awesome Glasses!!!

Michele Ineich

I own [brand name removed], [brand name removed], and the dark blue [brand name removed]. Acies are the sharpest and clearest of the lot! And your low prices make Acies a real value and a best buy.

John Kieft

It is about time some came out with a good pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price.

Arlen Zachary

I love your prices & quality. My Acies sunglasses relax my eyes while everyone else is being blinded by glare! Acies puts the joy back into shopping.

Dave Miller

I tried [brand name removed] and couldn't believe how cheap the frames were! What a SCAM!! Now I have Acies, they totally relax my eyes even on bright days, and they are much, much clearer than [brand name removed]. Acies are the only high-quality sunglasses at affordable prices, and now I am really seeing like an Eagle.

Rick Hall

I have been using ACIES glasses for the last 6 months and am VERY PLEASED with the comfort and quality!


Just wanted to let you guys know that I love your shades!

Gabriel Soto

Acies are great glasses, I'm so happy I took a chance and bought them on-line instead of going to a mall and getting ripped off. I like your quality first ideology!

Ellyn Moran

I have been looking for your product since I saw them at the Taste of Chicago. I can't believe how easy it was to order on-line. Thanks for the best sunglasses I have ever owned!!

Ronald Montgomery

I have several friends who own your shades and kept telling me to buy a pair. I bought them on the internet and am JUST LOVING THEM. The CLEAREST sunglasses I have ever seen. Thanks and keep making very cool stuff.

Christi Gleissner

I have a pair of your glasses and they are great. Keep up the good work. "Their better to see you with, My Dear".

John Aiken

Acies Are Great!!

Chuck Zuhlke

I love your sunglasses! Thank you for these amazing products! I wish more people carried them!

Danielle Vigo

I really like your product line and will always purchase your proucts.

Steve Hart

It's nice to buy direct from a catalog. Thanks for Passing the discount down to your customers. I cannot imagine living without my Acies.

Verne Truschke

A friend of mine recommended me to try ACIES. She told me she really likes your products. I'm glad I listened, because ACIES ARE GREAT!

Joanna Rios

I have been very pleased with your product and will be glad to spread the word.

Sarah Batty

Thank you for the great product selection. In my home country, Russia, we have never had this type of support.

Olga Booth

fight the power! i hope you sell ton's of sunglasses!

benjamin lewis

I can't stand the high prices, either. I looked for your products in stores. But, then found them on-line. I will always buy Acies on-line from now on.

Kelly Keely

I have mentioned your products to my eye doctor, he said many people have mentioned them and he is looking into it.

Chad Morton



These are the best shades around. I have purchased you glasses on a few occasions.

Michael Price

. . . the #T6 model. Is this the same as the [brand name removed] "Full Moon", Pewter frame, Stealth lens . . . They look almost identical. I look forward to doing business with you.

Andy Carlson

I went to a store, and out of hundreds of pairs, only three were polarized.

Patrick Gundlach

I Love your sunglasses!!! You guys are great! Thanks for the shades!

Kenneth Cole

I am a psychology professor with a specialty in visual perception. I try to stress to my students the potential harm of overexposure to UV light. We also discuss concepts such as visual acuity and the role of contrast in perception . . . I do hope that I'm making students wiser, more discriminating consumers of products such as yours. Thanks.

Lisa Isenberg

a good reasonably priced pair of sun glasses is hard to find. thanks for showing us where.

douglas nielsen

I love Acies, but I don't like costly--terminally hip--designer glasses.

Andrew Terry



Thanks for the great personalized service last week in providing me with a new pair of Circumnavigators during my lunch break . . . I flew out to San Francisco yesterday on business and wore my new sunglasses. I was amazed at the effect the polarized lenses had on the contrast between the clouds and the blue sky! They're great.

I've added your site to my "Links" page on my own site at Check it out.

Paul J.

I've currently have a pair of Acies Sunglasses. They're a wonderful product.

Michael Welch

Keep up the good work! It's nice to see quality and price, not to mention pride of workmanship as the valid reasons for choosing sunglasses rather then "who else" is wearing them.....

Jean Krell

i have a pair of your sunglasses and they rule! they have the mirrored lenses with black frame and oval-like frames. they're neat.

Dustin Barnes

My friend got a pair, now I got one, they are awesome!

Heather Krell



Local mall stores really tick me off the way they are ripping the public off. It's highway robbery. Thanks Acies for selling your sunglasses direct on-line so I don't have to deal with those mall sunglass stores!!

Sharon Michael

I love your sunglasses, and I will make sure that some of the local eyewear professionals here start carrying them!

Gabriella Sigel

I like the fact that you place quality over style

Steve Abita

I was searching the net for info on [brand name removed] sunglasses and I came across your home page. I was exited to see your glasses because they look exactly like my old [brand name removed] . . . I agree 100% that a nice pair of glasses costs a mint these days and the quality of craftsmanship is poor. I was really disappointed with the trend REVO is follwing, thier new models are as expensive if not more and the quality is lower.

Andrew Carlson

I love . . . nice guys like you!

Jennifer Giemza

All my friends wearing you your glasses, but I can't find them anywhere. Thanks for selling direct over the internet.

Adam Smith


Elisabeth Kane

I wish I had seen your site before I bought my last pair of sunglasses.

Susan Maxwell



Your Sunglasses Are The Coolest Things I'v Seen So Far. Keep Up The Good Work Guys!

William D. Nelsen Jr

Three cheers! I'm mighty upset about those bastards, i.e. [brand name removed], [brand name removed], etc . . . I'm getting tired of always having to worry about a pair of sunglasses that costs a hundred bucks . . . Thanks Acies!

Cheri Klam

Your sunglasses are a great product at an affordable price . thanks

W. Gregory

I like your website.I have a couple of friends who use your product,they like it very much.

Michael Breckner

It's amazing what over priced mall stores get away with! I'm glad you stress quality. Keep up the good work!

Ricky Vaughn

Your glasses are awesome!! I've bought many a pair of glasses in my time and for price and looks, you guys can't be beat!!! Keep up the great work!!

Christian Viola

a friend told me about your site & she also loves the sunglasses. I think they are great too! Its about time people offer alternately priced sunglasses

Ron Rivera

I really like your sunglasses, and I'm currently petitioning my local optometrist to carry your brand! Keep up the good work

Siobhan McKenney

I agree! Glasses don't have to be designer.....just effective.

David Ross

I love my new sunglasses. I would think at twice the price they would be a bargain. Thanks for the quick service....

William Wasserman

Just wanted to tell you I was very happy with your sunglasses. In fact my fiance liked them so much she is ordering 2 pairs. Thanks again . . .

Scott M.

Just wanted to say I received my 2nd order today. I think your sunglasses are probably the best I have ever worn. I drive a truck for a living so good sunglasses are important to me. Also your service is excellent. I placed my order Monday evening and received my sunglasses Thursday afternoon. I will be recommending them to all of my friends. Sincerly,Scott Morey

Scott M.

Have been out of town and just returned to find they have arrived. I am truly impressed. They really are "great shades". As good or better than Revo, Nikon or Maui Jim at a fraction of the cost. Keep me posted on new styles.

Mike F.

Just Received The sunglasses 7-13-00 Thay Are Great & Fit Like Cool Beans I Want To Marry You Guy's & Gales

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